My past mistakes are not who I am now. I’ve moved on. I’ve left my errors behind me. I say to the universe and anyone listening that I apologise and am deeply sorry for all of my past errors. The things I’ve done that I shouldn’t have. The things I’ve said that should have gone unsaid. The things I did not think through. The things I should have thought through. The advice I ignored or at the time could not understand. The advice I followed and shouldn’t have. The times when I did not realise people were trying to help me. The times I could have done more to help others.

The silly sentences. The stupid faces. The dumb thoughts. The thoughtless words. The unconscious thinking. The crazy actions. The fantasy laced realities. The uneducated guesses. The ignorance. The assumptions. The countless cock-ups. The moments of madness. The daft and the ridiculous. The things I ignored or did not do. My wrong actions, inactions and reactions.

I’m sorry.

Universe. People. I’m sorry.

This is my apology to the universe, a plea for forgiveness; a request for recognition that humans get things wrong.

A reminder that life is a journey and that you cannot always get it right. If life were perfect, if people were perfect, there would be no need to write this. I embrace my imperfections and acknowledge my past mistakes.

Universe. People. Please forgive me.

I hope you’ll join me in moving on and in recognising the past has gone.

If I had a time machine I’d go back in time and un-say and un-do so many things I wish could have been different. That’s not possible – and so I can only endeavour to do my best in the future. It does not mean I won’t make mistakes; humans do – it means I’ll try not to, by being more conscious and aware.

I hope you’ll try too.

I hope you’ll apologise to the universe and I hope you’ll also forgive the universe in return as it cannot always be perfect either.

Universe I apologise and I also forgive you.

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apologise for the world i agree

May 31, 2019 by scott

nothing to say...except to agree . but am sorry for a lot

4.0 4.0 1 1 nothing to say...except to agree . but am sorry for a lot An Apology to the Universe