Drawing a cartoon character in 5 steps

by on February 15, 2010
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Drawing a cartoon character in 5 steps by Paul Foreman

Think you can’t draw? Here is proof you can!

If you have never drawn a cartoon character before, this five step tip presented in a mind map will get you drawing instantly using only four basic letter shapes.

Using the letters S, Y, V, I – follow the steps in the Mind Map and start creating the foundations of a cartoon character.

You can add detail after drawing the basic shapes and even drop letters such as the Y to create alternative clothing.

Shifting the position of the letter Y will adjust the shape of the body and the direction it faces. Stretching the letter shapes will adjust the height and width of the character. The same four letters can provide infinite body shapes.

Will it work with other letters? Yes.

Will it work with basic shapes and invented shapes? Yes. You can build images on top of letters and shapes or within them. For example, you can experiment with a capital letter L and turn it into a leg and foot by adding shape around it.

Here are some further examples of the technique:

Drawing a cartoon character in 5 steps Further examples

This tip will get you seeing shapes both around you and in photographs, allowing you to explore drawing other objects.

Experiment with flipping some of the letters such as the letter V to change the position of the legs.

Think of drawing being as easy as writing.

You can create basic letters – so you can also draw.

Here are the stages in sequence:

Cartoon character in 5 steps by Paul Foreman

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