Once you have had enough suffering you dedicate your life to peace. “Enough suffering” varies in type and amount for each person – the only path is your path out of your individual suffering. The path out of suffering contains many similarities yet ultimately you journey your own journey.

A time is reached in life when you decide to make no more pain for yourself; you surrender resistance to reality. You live to give, to help and to offer your gifts to the world.

You have to make a conscious choice to end your suffering and in doing so the way opens up before you.

Whatever you choose is a step you must take, trusting your inner compass along the way; no wrong decisions, only steps.

You recognise that you have suffered enough when you can accept the fact of this statement:

“I am creating my suffering”

I am making choices and taking actions that are causing problems in my life and I can change.

When you choose not to accept any more suffering your life changes. You can begin to live to give instead of to get.

From recognition to intention – beginning with the statement:

“I will make no more suffering for myself or others”

The start of the end of suffering.

This applies equally well both individually and collectively.

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