I’m a thought
I come and go
Sometimes I try to convince you of things
I can choose
I can be anything
I don’t really exist, you only think I do
I come in all shapes and sizes
I can multiply
I can be light or heavy
I can come and go as many times as I wish
Unlimited; even as many as 60,000 times a day or more!
Even though I am invisible you think I’m real!
Just by reading this, these words have turned into thoughts
Yet, I am only here; I only exist, if you create me in your mind
Every word is a thought
And the beauty of it is, you get to choose what thoughts, or words, you focus on
Wow! I’m only here if you choose to see me
Thoughts are only powerful if you give them power
Power to the invisible!
I’m a thought
And I’m not real
The real power is in the thinker
Every word is a thought
Every thought is a word
To attach or not to attach?

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