Silent sense

by on August 21, 2012
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In silence you can see through the eyes of Peace
Can you sense the Peace before and after manmade conflict?

In silence you can catch a glimpse of death as timeless immortality
Can you sense the universal realm that existed before you were born and will still exist after you have gone?

In silence you can witness the presence of the moment in the moment
Can you sense the life within as you witness the life around you?

In silence you can observe via the senses the harmony of nature
Can you sense the orchestration of nature around you; the continuous stream of coming and going?

In silence you can feel the balance of internal life seated within external life
Can you sense the connection of life existing inside you, as life outside of you coexists?

In silence you can watch thoughts come and watch thoughts go
Can you sense the gaps before, between and after thoughts?

In silence you can watch the dance of sounds bouncing to and fro
Can you sense the arrival and departure of noise playing on a canvas of ever present silence?

In silence you can hear your body orchestrating involuntary existence
Can you hear the many internal occurrences happening within you without your interference?

In silence you can sense emptiness is in fact fullness – the fullness of unconditional life
Can you sense that completion is a balance of emptiness and fullness coexisting?

In silence you can notice the past is only memory in the moment
Can you see that the past is formed by your thoughts and resurrected by choice in the moment?

In silence you can understand impermanence, as stillness and silence come and go
Can you recognise the link between impermanence and the ever moving silence and stillness in the moment?

In silence words and sounds can be seen as the twins of attachment
Can you sense how the mind attaches to sounds as well as words?

In silence seeking can be noted as the drama of the ego
Can you sense how the egoic mind seeks out drama to avoid silence?

In silence the saga of habitual analysis seems laughable and begins to fade
Can you sense how consciousness is comfortable with silence as the need to analyse drops away?

In silence you can absorb space in detached contemplation by simply listening
Can you sense how simply listening reduces the incessant need to think?

Final contemplations: In silence, what do you sense and who or what is sensing?

Silent sense, witnessing the birth of sound within and without

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2 Responses to “Silent sense”
  1. Audrey says:

    I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing…

    The concept of mindmaps is appealing in that it’s a creative way to organize the disorganized in one’s mind…

    Have you ever done a mindmap of the process of mindmapping?

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Audrey

    Thanks for visiting & for leaving your comments – much appreciated.

    Please follow this link & page down to view my “How to Mind Map” Mind Map ~ hope that helps you

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