If a chef gets a Michelin star we know they are exceptional. The star is no guarantee – they still have to work hard to maintain their high standards. You don’t get a star and that’s it; everything cooked from that moment on is “perfect”. “Go there, they can’t fail”

The star is a yardstick and a recognised level.

“Compared to what?” is a tricky yardstick; awesome according to who? Best burger in town – have you tried every single one? Compared to what?

Enter personal taste; you like it, others might too – some, perhaps many, won’t.

“Best burger in town” is an opinion. Accepted without verification it becomes a belief.

“Is it true for you?”

Thoughts tend to flood and gather approval – a table of twelve sampling “Best burger in town” might silently wait before an opinion is expressed and follow suit (or disagree). Influence can be strong – criticism and praise can multiply. If eleven say it’s great and you don’t like it would you speak?

“Is it true for you?”

Things change, people change, burger’s change; everything changes. That’s why I consult the teacher within and ask:

“Is it true for me?”

Give it a try – consult the teacher within.

“Is it true for you?”

For more on trusting the teacher within check out the Positive Gut Feeling Mind Map

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