I would love to see greater use of images to help simplify calls to action in written communication.

Imagine a universal visual language, perhaps an image and a single word so that on receipt of a letter instantly you know why you have received the letter and if it requires any action.

Simple communication like this would help the recipient of the letter and the sender would also see greater responses.

The mind map above shows a few basic ideas – I am sure that more companies could incorporate a few simple visual cues; many already do so and it is refreshing to see.

The same principles could be applied to the design of leaflets and instruction sheets and much more.

Potentially there could be generic images for each instruction which are used right across all niche fields and industries like the many online images and icons we recognise.

So here is a question and challenge to designers and writers out there for contemplation when creating documents:

“How can I make this so simple, it would be almost impossible for people to fail when using it?”

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