Here is a very simple yet helpful Mind Map

Taking the 5 vowels I have highlighted five key areas to help in standing back to access what you are doing; how effective it is and whether you can improve it.

You could also use other words and create your own Mind Map as a handy overview summary.

I have used the following words:

A Attractive
E Extraordinary
I Irresistible
O Outstanding
U – Unique

In whatever you do, this presents an easy way to look at it from a different angle; or new perspective – perhaps even revisit existing work and review it for improvements.
Simply ask yourself whether what you have created is:


And if not; how could it be improved?

The Mind Map can also be used as a starting point to branch off ideas for each heading and investigate new possibilities by asking:

“How can what I have created be more….” and explore the avenues for how it could be.

I hope you find this simple Mind Map helpful.

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