Every log is different and yet very much the same. When you see a log you view it in the present moment. No logs come from the future, yet all logs have a past. Every log is unique, individual, a character all of its own.

The log stands, or sits, in the now, a timeless sign of both growth and demise. Logs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, colours, thicknesses and yet they are all logs. Some logs crumble; some stand solid and immovable.

Logs are everywhere – all over the planet.

Logs teach us of impermanence; they come, they serve, they go – some live on in buildings and get shaped into objects, such as signs. Some logs leave a legacy; a timeless and beautiful reminder in the form of a statue or carving or antique.

Logs stand for patience and surrender, acceptance of the moment; peace, harmony and mostly harmless existence.

Logs have deep roots, often vast strength and power, resilience and presence.

Logs demonstrate stillness and silence, tranquillity and dimension – time, space, movement and perspective.

We can learn a lot from logs and their silent strength and perseverance, their beauty and togetherness and their growth and diversity.

What else can logs teach us?

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